• LAST DATE TO REGISTER : 31 October 2023 - REGISTER NOW | Organised by Unity for Humanity


  • 1. What is UCL?

    Unity Challenger league (UCL) is a league which is formed by the Board of Unity For Humanity (NGO) and RTKD charitable Trust (Niti Ayog) jointly. It is a league for all the passionate cricket players around the country. The candidates from remotest areas can register themselves and get a chance to play world class cricket.

  • 2. What are the qualifications for registering at UCL ?

    The person who wants to apply should be an Indian resident. The male candidates with age above 12 years can get himself for UCL. There are 5 age groups under which you can register:

    • Under 14 years
    • Under 16 years
    • Under 19 years
    • Under 23 years
    • Above 23 years
  • 3. What is the age limit for playing in UCL?

    The lower age limit is 12 years and there is no upper age limit.

  • 4. Do the players get the kit for trials ?

    Yes, the players have to get their kits with them for the trials. The batsmen and the wicketkeepers are required to carry the essential things for playing. The bowlers are exempted from carrying the kits. In some exceptional cases, the kits can be provided to the players.

  • 5. How can one register for Cricket League ?

    The players can register for UCL by clicking on “Register Now” button at UCL official webiste www.uclsports.com.

  • 6. How will I know that I have been registered ?

    After registering at the website, all the candidates will be contacted through SMS or Email.

  • 7. What is the schedule for trials

    The schedule related to the trials is mentioned on the website. The dates for trials will also be sent via sms or whatsapp. to each enrolled candidate. They are also informed through calls.

  • 8. What is the fee structure of Cricket League ?

    The registration fee for the trial is only Rs. 299/- and the fee for the State Level League is Rs. 1990.

  • 9. Is it mandatory to have a passport participate in the league ?

    No, it is not mandatory to have a passport for all the players. But after selections, the player may be selected to play on foreign land. So, it is good if you have it or you may procure it when necessary.

  • 10.How will be the team be selected In the camp for the finals ?

    The selection committee visits all the camps in each state. The committee shortlists deserving candidates from all over the country on the basis of merit in bowling, batting, and wicket keeping.

  • 11. How & where can I pay by cash to register for the league ?

    Payments for any/all phases of the game can only be done through the official website www.uclsports.com

  • 12. What are the deadlines for registration ?

    The registrations are open till 31st July 2023.

  • 13. In which states is UCL going to take place?

    UCL Stage 1 Trials and Stage 2 State Level League will happen in 4 states - Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

  • 14. How will I be updated on the league matches progress?

    UCL will send regular updates to all participants via SMS, Email and website.

  • 15. Will UCL provide kits for the league ?

    Yes, UCL will provide kits for the league, Semi-Finals and the Finals.

  • 16. Is there any program to play outside India ?

    Yes, top 16 players get selected for Indo-Nepal 3 matches series in Nepal for free in 2023.